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With the Kaltura Mediaspace upgrade there have been some significant changes to our video streaming service. Desktop upload limits are no longer limits to 2GB, videos can be published to channels or to a Kaltura Video Gallery in Moodle from the users MyMedia page. The Kaltura Video Gallery will allow students to share their videos with the entire class. Please feel free to contact us for more details on this exciting service.

Here are our guides to help you get started:

Mediaspace- My Media Upload and Publishing Guide

Mediaspace- Advanced Options

Creating a Channel and Adding Members

Moodle My Media

My Media/Mediaspace

Bucknell is using Kaltura as a tool for storing and sharing media.  On campus we use the terms My Media and Mediaspace. While video is the primary type of content in My Media, it can also be used for audio files and images.

My Media and Mediasapce be used in three basic ways.

1) Video Library: Video, such as a commercial DVD, and audio files from the Bertrand Library collection can be digitized and stored in Kaltura. The video can then be made accessible to students in a particular course via the Moodle course site. Faculty: If you would like to have a video from the Bertrand Library collection available for your students to watch, please fill out the form at (Please fill out the form at least a week before you need the video to be available.) If we don’t already own a video that you would like to use, you can start by filling out the ILL Media request form. Once you’ve done that, you can also fill out the Streaming Video Request form.

2) Moodle Connection: Kaltura can be used as a place for students to hand in video assignments. The video files are then accessible to the instructor, who can grade them, etc. The instructor can also use the Moodle tool to upload video clips and make them accessible to their students. It can also be used to record video feedback for students. If you would like to learn more about using the Kaltura video tools in Moodle, please send an email to

3) MediaSpace: This is a place where people can upload video and audio files, and share them with a group of people. You can think of it as a Bucknell version of YouTube. MediaSpace can be accessed at To view all of the content available to you on MediaSpace, click on the login link in the upper-right hand corner of the main page, and login with your normal Bucknell credentials.

MediaSpace contains galleries of Bucknell-related videos, including campus events (Bucknell Forum, Faculty Colloquium, etc.), tutorials for using a variety of technology tools, and student projects, for example.

Within MediaSpace, we have the ability to create “channels,” where a specific group of people can add content to the channel, and access can be restricted to a specific group of people. If you need a channel created for your video content, send an email to