DP&S Hosts Summer Faculty and Staff Workshop – Digital and Video Ethnography

The workshop will focus on digital and video ethnographic techniques. An overview of digital ethnography and video ethnography will be provided through group discussions, workshops with external speakers, and collaborative work sessions.

Digital ethnography refers both to ethnographic work that makes use of digital tools and to ethnographies that occur within digital environments. The former could be the presentation of ethnographic materials in an interactive website, while the latter could be a project examining an Internet-based fan culture. There is no hard and fast dividing line between these two forms of digital ethnography, and both will be welcomed during the workshop.

Video ethnography refers to ethnographic work that makes use of video technology to present the information gathered during fieldwork. The primary products are documentary-style films that present ethnographic data in a compelling way.


  • Faculty will learn the basics of conducting ethnographic fieldwork in these modes.
  • The workshop will include several how-to sessions introducing faculty to the
    • basics of video work,
    • conducting ethnography in digital environments, and
    • the challenges of these methods (both implementing the methods and ethical considerations).
    • reporting on/publicizing the results of ethnographic work in such formats as film, websites, scholarly publications, and hybrid modes that combine these media.
    • The final outcome will be an ethnographic assignment which faculty can incorporate into their existing courses.

To register for the Digital and Video Ethnography Summer Workshop, please fill out this Google formAs with all summer faculty workshops, stipends will be provided for faculty. For more information on our summer faculty workshop series, click here.

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May 30-June 2.  Fill out the sign-up form to join us.

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